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The tool I was assigned to learn about in my summer technology class is called Tagxedo. It is a tool that allows you to make a word cloud/picture out of any text, similar to Wordle. I really enjoyed this tool. I haven’t had any experience with the tool before but it reminded me a lot of Wordle, but I feel like it allows you to do so much more than Wordle.

Overall, I think Tagxedo is a very useful tool. I like that you are able to use any picture of your choosing, while there are also many pre-set choices. One thing I didn’t find useful on Tagxedo was that you are unable to edit the sizes of specific words. When I was making one for the Star Spangled Banner I had to go in and actually delete the word “O’er” because “ER” was showing up huge in my picture. Another thing I don’t really think is useful with Tagxedo is that it is difficult to choose your own color scheme. While there are many pre-set color schemes, there definitely wasn’t what I wanted, which was your basic red, white, and blue. So I had to go in and put in the code for the colors, which took me a few times to get it right even with a code table I got off of Google Search.

It is a pretty cool tool for social studies. For example, I could upload a picture of George Washington and have the text be one of his speeches. I think it could be used to get students interested in a topic and they could also make tagxedos out of something they’ve written. The choices are limitless as to what you can make out of Tagxedo and I love that. Below is a taxedo I made using the pre-set picture of America and the Star Spangled Banner. I input my own color scheme, which I had to use code. Overall, I liked this tool because it creates a fun visual word cloud to use in the classroom. Anything to spice things up and keep students engaged and interested is wonderful!


Hannah Dudley